Ecological campsite Savoie

camping nature savoie

Campsite turned on the environment

We wish to invest in our ecological campground and start a ecological approach by making our establishment a little more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, we cannot act alone and we need you, dear customers!

To recycle :

Waste sorting garbage cans are located just after the exit of the Eden de la Vanoise camping Savoy : please sort your waste and do not throw them in the nature !

To limit energy expenses :

Heating / air conditioning (for the bungalows) :

  • Avoiding turning all heaters to maximum and turning them down to minimum if you are not there
  • By giving priority to air conditioning during the day (which consumes less energy than heating)
  • By leaving windows and doors closed if the heating or air conditioning is on.
  • Close the dampers when it’s too hot rather than running the air conditioner at full power.

Lighting :

  • Open the curtains to take advantage of the natural light rather than turning on all the lamps
  • Make sure that all lamps are off when you are away (and turn off the outdoor lamp at night).

To limit water waste :

  • When you wash your hands, warm water is enough, no need to waste hot water
  • When you no longer need water, make sure the taps are turned off.
  • Don’t waste water by taking a 30-minute shower.
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nature environnement savoie
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vacances nature savoie
vacances ecolgique savoie
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Our ecological approaches

What we have put in place :

  • All our light bulbs are energy saving or LED
  • The solar panels located on the roof of the winter toilet block provide domestic hot water.
  • We use a heat pump to heat the water in the pool.
  • We use as much recycled paper as possible for our drafts.
  • We respect the selective sorting (with the sorting garbage cans placed at the exit of the campsite)
  • We accompany our clients on foot, by bike or electric scooter in the campsite and try to limit the use of the car as much as possible.
  • We shred our green waste and mulch on the sites.
  • We have installed ecological waterless urinals in the winter toilet block.
  • We have just installed more than 100m² of photovoltaic panels.
Family camping in the middle of nature